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A fully Web based Departure Control System, Evinta .dcs is a welcome change from cumbersome legacy platforms and expensive communication infrastructure. Eliminating the need for dedicated check-in and boarding desks, this DCS only needs a computer with an Internet connection.

Evinta .dcs provides you with comprehensive Departure Control System functionality. Some of the highlights are:

100% Web based

Processing time per passenger, a mere 30 seconds

Intuitive and easy to use GUI interface for users

Major savings on communication costs

Minimum training time required for check-in agents


Designed to bring best-of-breed business processes to airport passenger processing

Offers two deployment options tailored for secondary and mainstream airports

The easy GUI is made to expedite the passenger processing, and is designed to reduce the keystrokes-to-operations ratio.

To guarantee enhanced customer service Evinta Departure Control System offers facilities such as flight selection, passenger search, check-in, baggage handling, issuing of boarding passes and baggage tags, flight management and seat management to name a few. Others include:

  • PNL/ ADL processing

  • Graphical seat maps

  • Flight editing and seat pre-assigning

  • Managing flight cycle through different flight statuses

  • Flight and passenger search

  • 6-stroke quick check-in with mandatory information

  • Detailed check-in with additional passenger profile, preferences and complex journey requirements

  • Dashboard summary of ongoing flight check-in status

  • Generation of Baggage Source Messages for bags checked-in

  • Acceptance of go-show/stand-by/no-rec passengers at check-in

  • Printing of boarding pass (BCBP enabled) and bag tags

  • Passenger boarding by sequence number or reference number

  • Flight closure and standard post departure message generation

  • Multilingual capabilities

Evinta .dcs is an integral part of Evinta portfolio, engineered on JKCS' proprietary Airline Application Development Framework (AADF©), which incorporates airline industry standards and best practices. Experience the benefits of an avant-garde airport with Evintas .dcs providing you unparalleled customer service and uncompromised quality and reliability.

Multiple Check-in Options offered

Check-in Counter

Check-in Counter

Airport check-in agents can easily check-in passengers while printing boarding passes and baggage tags, with minimum key stroke input

Mobile Check-In

Mobile Check-In

Your passengers can now enjoy mobile check-in through their phones

Handheld Check-In

Handheld Check-In

This on the go roving check-in option reduces queuing at airport counters and the need for large check-in areas

Kiosk Check-In

Kiosk Check-In

Passengers can now check-in, book seats and enter baggage details in their own at your dedicated kiosks

DCS Lite

The Evinta departure control system comes in a handy, portable suitcase which is ideal for smaller airport operations

DCS Local

DCS Local

You can now do all your departure control operations using the Evinta DCS Local application, with no internet

Evinta Departure Control System

Hand Held Check-in system

evinta ibe

The Evinta Weight and Balance is an integrated web solution designed to streamline functionalities in the weight and balance process.

It simplifies the complicated process of planning and distributing weights of an aircraft such as fuel, cargo, mail, etc through an easy to use visually simulated process. With the Evinta Weight and Balance you will need minimal training to reap maximum efficiency.

Main features include:

  • GUI based W&B system

  • Automatic CG calculation

  • Planning and actual cargo data entry have made it easy through visually simulated aircraft diagram

  • Facility to generate Load Instructions and Final Load Sheet

  • Seamlessly integrate with Evinta.DCS

  • Can integrate with any other DCS

  • Can operate as a standalone application

The Evinta Weight and Balance brings you flawless operations with the use of sophisticated technology and sustainable quality, and is an imperative addition to your aviation operation.

evinta ibe
evinta ibe

Comprehensive system with easy integration capabilities built to insert or extract information, to allocate and monitor resources, in line and built around the flight schedule.

With Evinta.RESPLAN, it's almost like having an all-embracing Resource Manager who will plan, organize, allocate, forecast and monitor all airport resources effectively. Evinta.RESPLAN supports both administration and configurations from system level as well as departmental level. Any number of departments can be configured to the system, enabling departments to have their own configuration parameters, define jobs and tasks, maintain shifts and rosters for staff and can even have admin users responsible for the system operation for their department. This creates a decentralized operating environment at airports, whilst maintaining centralized control at system level.

Evinta.RESPLAN has been designed with six main modules to cover all operations at the airport from flight displays to the assignment of aircraft line maintenance shifts;

evinta ibe

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