Complete set of solutions for airlines that support multi-channel ticket sales, fares publishing and customer relationship management.

evinta ibe

An Airline Booking Engine equipped with multi-channel distribution capabilities which enables an airline to tap into a wider market space at a fraction of the cost

How will Evinta help you grow your business

By widening your reach - Adding sales channels can be a time consuming and costly exercise. Evinta's multi-channel capabilities will take you to your customer's doorstep through all these routes. You can instantly increase your coverage with no incremental charges.

Lowering your distribution costs - Your stations can access your inventory through a Web browser.You can directly distribute inventory to a full network of IATA and non-IATA travel agents. When fully-deployed, Evinta can cut customer acquisition costs by 40%-50%.

By increasing your average basket value - Evinta moves your low-spending segments into higher-spending brackets by enticing them with up-sell offers and enhanced services. Speed and flexibility in adding ancillary service providers and promotions are hallmarks of Evinta's design.

By offering a 5-Star booking experience - A comfortable, fast and secure booking experience makes customers buy again. Your top-tier customers have pressing commitments and stressful work obligations. Your service commitment must be apparent from the time they make a reservation and that's where we aim.

evinta ibe

Evinta IBE's key features include

Evinta Connect

Evinta comes to you with in-built interfaces with following third-party systems:

evinta ibe

A customer loyalty system integrating modern technology that meets the key design criteria of a successful frequent flyer program and powerful CRM tool

It focuses on optimizing the bottom line while ensuring that customers remain loyal to the airline. J-Loyalty strives to create sustainable, enduring loyalty at an affordable cost. J-Loyalty is a comprehensive package offering customers member enrolment, partner management, tier movements, promotions, upgrades and even member community forums.

Key features of J-Loyalty are as follows

  • Public Portal that offers customers features such as enrolment, account management, accruals, redemptions, special service requests and online blogs.

  • Retro credit/missing miles update feature to validate and enter flown details that have not been considered for point accumulation.

  • Rules Engine that offers remarkable versatility in promotions management complete with a list of features necessary to create highly personalized loyalty programs.

  • Multidimensional Reporting Universe that enables the airline to view its customers in all their multiple facets in order to devise loyalty programs that have a higher turn-around.

  • The onboard Duty-free Points Redemption module that allows customers to use their loyalty points for the purchase of goods through the on-board duty free service.

  • Points based Auction site- a new sales channel as well as means of creating hype, excitement and increased interaction within the loyalty program membership.

  • Family and corporate scheme that allow for grouping of points.

  • Air and Non-air partners can be added on at any time with different promotional and activity point allocation.

  • The 100% web based nature ensures that J-Loyalty is easily accessible to all distribution channels of an airline.

J-Loyalty will help you look "beyond the miles" and exceed your customer's expectations by providing a truly personalized service ensuring long term returns through loyal customers.

evinta ibe
evinta ibe

Comprehensive system with easy integration capabilities built to insert or extract information, to allocate and monitor resources, in line and built around the flight schedule.

With Evinta.RESPLAN, it's almost like having an all-embracing Resource Manager who will plan, organize, allocate, forecast and monitor all airport resources effectively. Evinta.RESPLAN supports both administration and configurations from system level as well as departmental level. Any number of departments can be configured to the system, enabling departments to have their own configuration parameters, define jobs and tasks, maintain shifts and rosters for staff and can even have admin users responsible for the system operation for their department. This creates a decentralized operating environment at airports, whilst maintaining centralized control at system level.

Evinta.RESPLAN has been designed with six main modules to cover all operations at the airport from flight displays to the assignment of aircraft line maintenance shifts;

evinta ibe

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